Unresolved trauma, grief, and a longing for love bring two unsuspecting souls together in this enemies to lovers slow burn romance. 

When Rumi LeRoy uproots her life in Milwaukee to avoid mourning a loss too dear to her heart, she finds herself simply running in circles. While denying her purpose and dodging her passion, she collides with a force that rattles her in more ways than one.

That force, Giveon Albrecht, is just as rattled by Rumi. He is immediately put off by her but finds himself quickly falling under her spell. Only, with her, he is compelled to address his own losses and relinquish his veil of arrogance. 

Once Rumi is inspired to step into the light, Giveon’s true intentions begin to spill out. Is he willing to do the work necessary to join her? Or is he destined to dance in the darkness alone?


New Release Spotlight – Shadows in the Dark, by Kayelle Gee

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