She’s single and not interested in dating. Sheena Gaskin hasn’t had a romantic relationship in over a decade and isn’t planning to have one now. Now she, along with her devoted dog, are making a fresh start—relocating to a Fort Worth, Texas, suburb and leaving family drama behind. A quick scan of a few familiar Facebook profiles reveals her peers celebrating major milestones like wedding anniversaries and sending kids off to college. But the never-married Sheena finds contentment and peace being single.

He’s single and dating. Linton Oliver has most everything he’s ever wanted, except a life companion. He’s a fiftysomething, controversial YouTube star who’s dealing with a persistent cancel culture. He still carries around bitterness from his divorce years ago, but he hasn’t given up on finding his better half. And his neighbor Sheena has caught his eye.

Sheena insists she’s happy, and Linton contends his life needs someone else to share it with. Linton knows exactly what’s missing from his life, and Sheena can’t quite put her finger on the something—or someone—missing from hers.


New Release Spotlight – Single, by Cheryl Robinson

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