Ayla Peters and Kendrix Davis were at the height of their careers. At a time that should’ve been considered the highlight of their lives, they were fighting battles with no end in sight. 

Ayla Peters, better known as Rosé Marie, was on the verge of burnout. The music career, she worked so hard to establish left her questioning who she was and stifled her creative process. With her album’s deadline swiftly approaching, Ayla takes a trip to a secluded island to reset. While there, she meets an unlikely acquaintance, and a source for inspiration–in more ways than one.

With a fresh Grammy under his belt, songwriter, Kendrix Davis should’ve felt invincible. Instead, he was dealing with the unbearable loss of his greatest supporter. Unsure of what to do next, Kendrix embarks on a journey to find himself. During his sabbatical, he finds a muse, and a friend.

Their love for music brought them together.
The undeniable chemistry they shared made working together a breeze. 

When the lines of their business relationship start to blur, Ayla and Kendrix must accept the inevitable; they were the missing piece in each other’s life.


New Release Spotlight – Songs in the Key of Love, by D. Rose

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