A Category 5 hurricane is headed for the Coast…and it’s not coming from the Gulf!

Southern Sizzle captures the unwavering bond between first cousins, Saniyah Walker and Reese Dixon, as they navigate the triumphs, trials, loves and losses of early adulthood on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Saniyah is an aspiring chef who experiences a whole new world of liberty, opportunity, and harsh reality when she leaves her hometown and the watchful eye of sheltering parents to pursue her dreams. Reese, Saniyah’s roommate and life-long best friend, is a hotel receptionist who masks a deep fear of commitment with materialistic motives and sexually-uninhibited behavior until her internal struggle is put to the test by a triangle romance with life-altering consequences. On virtually opposite paths, Saniyah and Reese find themselves being pulled apart by men, ambition, and repercussion.

In the wake of a Southern storm of romance, success, and personal discovery, betrayal, abuse, and self-destruction, all things are possible. But one thing is certain…holding tight to their bond will see them through to the dawn!


New Release Spotlight – Southern Sizzle, by Selena Brooks

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