After being stood up again by her boyfriend, Primrose decides she’s not wasting another evening waiting around for him. Now that she’s alone on Valentine’s Day, she doesn’t quite know what to do with herself. A last-minute decision leads to a night out she never knew she needed.

Jude always knows what he wants, and that remained factual as he eyed the beauty wearing a pout on her lips all evening. He prided himself on life being short and wasted no time approaching her.

Surprisingly, she meets him halfway, giving him a front-row seat to admire her up close.

Asking a beautiful stranger for one night was one of the boldest moves Jude had ever made. Lucky for him, Primrose jumps at the opportunity to feel something more than disappointment for one night. After a night of pure pleasure will Primrose run for the hills? Or will one night turn into forever?


New Release Spotlight – Stay With Me, by Novah Kaine

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