After watching all of her secrets blow up right in front of her eyes, Trinity decides to focus on the only thing that truly matters: her newfound pregnancy. And she’s more than prepared to do it all alone until both of her exes show up on her doorstep with questions about the paternity. Afraid of taking one step forward and two steps backward, Trinity is forced to make a decision she never saw coming.

Meanwhile, Kelly is still reeling from the fallout of his affair with Trinity. Numb to all the loss that followed and still desperately clinging to his past, he gradually begins to descend down a dark path until he meets the beautiful and mysterious Noni, whose actions only thrust him further down a path of darkness, only this time it’s one that threatens to swallow him whole.

But this messy breakup brought on by an even messier affair wouldn’t be complete without Kelly’s ex, Vanessa. And she’s moved on as much as possible – or so she thinks. Now reunited with her first love, Vanessa believes that she’s finally free from all of the secrets and lies…until she surprises herself with a few of her own.

One affair affected the three of their lives more than they deemed possible. Can the three of them move forward and start over or will they be bound to relive the sins of their past?


New Release Spotlight – Sweeter Than Honey, by Maya Mahree

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