Sometimes the path to happily ever after is not easy…

Tania and Cayne have been engaged for over a year. She’s ready to start planning their wedding so they can tie the knot. Tania becomes increasingly frustrated with Cayne and his reluctance to set a wedding date, she begins to question his commitment to her and their future together. Tania decides to end her relationship with Cayne, leaving her heartbroken.

Tania wants to move on from Cayne, but fate pulls her back to him after she finds out from her best friend Princess that he’s keeping a big secret from her. Facing the truth, Tania grapples with her feelings. Surrounded by the love and support of her sister Shayla and best friend Princess, she realizes that the depth of her love for Cayne transcends any obstacle.

After all of the challenges, Cayne takes a leap of faith and proposes to Tania again, setting the stage for a heartwarming Valentine’s Day surprise. Tania and Cayne’s journey is a tale of love, rediscovery, and second chances.


New Release Spotlight – Tangled Destiny: A Valentine’s Day Novella, by Pamela Campbell

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