Princess Greene is a single mother whose heart was shattered by betrayal. She finds herself drifting away from the joy of Christmas. She has a chance encounter with Nigel, a charming, handsome man filled with the Christmas spirit. He tries his best to rekindle the holiday spirit within her. Princess’s bitterness toward the holiday season begins to thaw, and she reluctantly steps back into the holiday season.

But just as a new romance begins to bloom, Princess faces the lingering pain of her past with the unexpected return of her son’s father, Damion. With the support from her best friend Shayla, she begins a journey of self-discovery, learning to forgive, embrace love again, and find the strength to make the best choices for herself and her son.

As Christmas Eve approaches, Princess is faced with a decision that will shape her future and determine whether she can finally let go of the past and embrace the happiness that awaits her. This is a heartwarming holiday novella of love, friendship, and the power of the Christmas spirit, bringing people together and falling in love.


New Release Spotlight – Tangled In Christmas & Love: A Holiday Novella, by Pamela Campbell

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