When all else fails, love will find a way.

Kofi Danquah has traveled halfway around the globe for fifteen years, satisfying his need for advancement and adventure. In that time, he has never met another woman as intriguing as Regina Chu. She’s a chameleon—a wild child with issues she hides behind a playful persona.

In Gina’s eyes, Kofi is a mystery—exotic, intense and secretive. His sober nature balances her bubbly personality and unconventional approach to life. Plus, he’s appealing enough to make her forget they’re from separate worlds.

Time spent together changes Kofi and Gina’s platonic relationship into an attraction that burns hot despite their cultural differences and the disapproval of their families. But fairy tales don’t always last and true love needs fertile soil in which to bloom.

*** The Blind Shot contains the potential trigger subject of date rape. While the incident isn’t shown on the page, this warning may be helpful to those readers who may be affected by that subject matter.


New Release Spotlight – The Blind Shot (Par For The Course Book 3), by J.L. Campbell

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