“No matter how much distance you try to put between us, I’ll always want you. That’s never going to change.” –Jayce

Falling for Jayce Savoy was never a part of Keesa’s plan. But after living in the same apartment building, becoming friends, and slipping into each other’s beds, there wasn’t much that could be done to stop it. From day one, he was for her, and she was for him. Well…until he wasn’t.

Jayce knew he never should’ve let Keesa walk out of his life without putting up a fight. Before she left town, she poured her heart out to him, and she wanted him to do the same. But instead of him telling her how he truly felt, he played it cool and made her believe that she wasn’t the one for him. From that moment on, everything between them changed. The bond they once shared was broken, and the division within their friend group became clear.

Three years later, Keesa’s back in town, and she’s living right across the hall. Jayce can’t help but believe that fate is giving them a second chance. But past hurts aren’t easy to get over. Especially when old habits return, and new habits are determined to keep making an appearance. Can Jayce convince Keesa to finally forgive him for stomping on her heart? Or will she decide that the pain still stings, and she can’t risk making the same mistake twice?


New Release Spotlight – The Only One, by A.C. Taylor

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