Fitness trainer Nate Walker is no stranger to hard work and perseverance to achieve desired results in life, which is why he’s determined to see Tora Jamison again. The woman stole his heart the moment she walked into the deli where he lunched with his mother and sister one late spring afternoon. However, convincing the stunning beauty to give him a chance proves to be his toughest workout yet as he is denied again and again and eventually thrust into the friend zone.

Tora Jamison is not ashamed to admit she can be a bit particular when it comes to choosing a mate. At the top of her list of requirements? He must be taller than she is… when she’s wearing heels. Standing five-eleven, for Tora, the search has been no easy feat. At the behest of a friend she joins a dating site in hopes of finding a gentleman who measures up to her standards. But after several disastrous dates she realizes her perfect guy may not be found online and is possibly right underneath her nose.


New Release Spotlight – Wednesday at Noon, by Teneka Woods

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