Achilles Blackwell has an aura that commands any room he steps into. He’s the confident head of an empire, working to keep family toxicity from tampering with it. When he wants something, or someone, he’s clear on his objective and usually obtains his desires. No silly love games or false affections, just swagger and vibes. Then Remedy Rowe walks into his life.

A woman scorned several times over, Remedy has enough emotional luggage to last a few lifetimes. Men chase, playing the game of breaking her walls down, but it’s a game she could never let them win. Not until she meets one who doesn’t cower and puts her willpower to the test.

What happens between Achilles and Remedy is explosive, but will Remedy risk uncovering her scars for a chance at real love? Or will Achilles have to show her he’ll walk away before he becomes the victim of another woman scorned?


New Release Spotlight – Wires in the Way, by Crystal Collier

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