Regret – feel sad, repentant, or disappointed over

Tulip experienced the biggest heartache one could imagine when she lost her parents at the age of sixteen. After being placed in placed in a home with a brute family member she quickly learns that just because youshare the same blood as someone, doesn’t mean that you can trust them. Upon being reunited with her older sister Dahlia, they form a bond that can’t broken, or can it? 

Grady a headstrong, heart broken, alpha male knows how to do everything except treat a woman correctly. After a rocky initial meeting with Tulip, Grady becomes determined to make the off-limits beauty fall for him and fall she did. Little did she know, during that pursuit Grady failed to disclose his true intentions or the fact that he’s hiding two adverse secrets. 

It’s easy to overlook the flaws of the one you love, but what happens when those flaws can no longer be ignored. When those flaws are causing you more pain than happiness? Do you stick it out and hold on to the hope that things will change, or do you count your losses and move on?


New Release Spotlight – Wish I Never Loved You, by Jersey Jones

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