Cherry Spencer and Jack(ass) Bradley are like a fork in a power outlet…sparks fly and someone might end up dead. He’s been the bane of her existence ever since her best friend, Nicole claimed him as her hunky college crush. Nicole’s greatest wish is for her two favorite people to bury the hatchet…just not in each other’s backs. And after a disastrous graduation night, Cherry vowed to never lay eyes on Jack again.

But like a bad yeast infection, Jack’s back and courtesy of Nicole’s sweet nature and a crush that never died, he’s living in Cherry’s house and she’s not taking this invasion lying down.

Operation Jackass. Is. On.

Cherry has no shame, plus she’s got a mean streak longer than Rapunzel’s hair. She’ll use whatever sneaky tricks she can to get rid of Jack, but what she wasn’t expecting was him getting one over on her. Now she has to decide if she really wants Jack out of her house… or in her bed.


New Release Spotlight – You Make Me Sick (Mean Streak Book 1), by Tamara Devers

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