He has what she desires. She is who he requires.

Jidenna Kalu has sworn off love after the death of his wife, determined not to go through that pain again. He’s focused on being a good father to his daughter, Uju, while still making waves in the art world. When she starts acting out, his mother and grandmother decide it’s time to intervene. With their own plan to find Jidenna a suitable wife of their choosing.

Zola Westbrook is finally living the life she’s always wanted as a dance director after a difficult divorce. But when family issues arise, she finds herself drawn back into the world of the Kalus–and face to face with Jidenna, the man who gave her the best night of her life before disappearing without a word.

The circumstances between the pair lead to a marriage of convenience. Despite their best efforts to keep things casual, Jidenna and Zola can’t deny their chemistry. But as their feelings deepen, they both realize that the past isn’t as far behind them as they thought. Is a suitable partner enough, or do they want something more?


Pre-Order Spotlight – A Suitable Wife (Away To Africa Book 3), by Unoma Nwankwor

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