“A secret’s worth depends on the people from whom it must be kept.” – Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Bryce Metchie is a tough nut to crack. After the way his ex-wife deserted him and his daughter, it would take a whole nother lifetime for him to welcome another woman into his heart. Still, one meeting with his new assistant Kelci Grey, time shifts. Suddenly, he has no reservations… until his secrets are threatened. 

Kelci Grey is a journalist because that has been her family’s intention forever. Most of her life she’s tried to slow the grooming process for her to take over the family’s gossip magazine empire. When she lands a cover job as an assistant to a man who steals her breath, she thinks things are looking up. Yet when her family alliances are weighed against her heart’s confidant, the revelations may be more than anyone can stand. 

When jealousy, family ties, and exes come to steal and destroy the happiness they both deserve, both will have to make a decision. Will Kelci and Bryce’s secrets bring them closer or rip them apart?


Pre-Order Spotlight – All Your Secrets, by C. Monet

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