She’s on a mission to start fresh… too bad everyone isn’t on the same page.

In the final installment of this stand-alone series, we follow Bailey Washington. 

Bailey is tough as nails and the wild card of the bunch. Never one to be played with, she made her own rules. As Gabriel and Ryan fall in love, she becomes aware of her deficiency. When she ends up in a sticky situation, she decides to make a change. She is no longer interested in disappointing her family. As she implements her new self-control, things are looking up and going as planned… for a while.

Dallas Donavan is new to town and looking to find his place. When he comes across the beautiful Bailey, he’s intrigued by her style and tattoos. She’s a puzzle he’s ready to solve. Too bad they get off on the wrong foot.

Will they regain their footing or buckle under the pressure?


Pre-Order Spotlight – Bitter Fangs: Book Three, by Nicole Whitfield

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