He’s an award-winning actor so pulling off this charade should be easy, right? Except he didn’t count on his pretend “girl” being… her.

Arinze Kalu

The continuation of the Kalu name lay on my shoulders.
At least that’s what my grandmother claims. And she’s on a mission to ensure it won’t die there.
I wasn’t planning on visiting Nigeria anytime soon, so I’d been doing a pretty good job of tap dancing around her threats to find me a wife.
After a scandal that almost engulfed me at the beginning of my career, I’m determined to take my time choosing a partner.
Between establishing my company, filming, press, and traveling for my new movie, I simply don’t have that time.
Now, my sister is getting married, and I’ll be face to face with my grandmother. If things had worked out with the caramel goddess I met on New Year’s Eve, I probably would’ve been good. Since it didn’t, my cousins suggest I rent a bae.

Jasmine Bowman
My life is a bad horror film and I’m ready to change the channel.
Between my job where I’m overworked, underpaid, and skipped over for promotion and my tired, played-out situation with my boyfriend, something had to give.
Let’s not forget Mr. Butterscotch who I met on New Year’s Eve. I could’ve bet money there was a vibe, but I guess not. I tell myself, I don’t need him anyway. I need my mind to get the memo because my more immediate priority is to stop being a disappointment to the Bowman name. I’m getting back into the director’s seat of my life. The cost, however, isn’t cheap. I need money and my best friend has the craziest idea.


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