The release of the third story in this series was a joy and a delight. A mystery, romantic suspense is one of this reviewer’s all-time favorites. To have the story include a friends to lovers component was yet another delectable moment to savor. The former FBI Agent turned security specialist, Kenton Bailey, was a tall drink of chocolate sweetness. At the start of the story, Kenton had recently relinquished his badge due to a botched assignment. When we next saw him, he was a part of the Atlanta’s Finest team of hotness as a member of Supreme Security.

Egypt Durand was known as the Queen of Supreme Security, as the operations specialist. Although the pair worked together for a few years, neither knew the full extent of feelings they held for the other. Once it was apparent something was evidently between them it was too late to stop the train barreling down the tracks of love. And once Egypt needed protection by the men at Supreme, the mission to keep her safe became Kenton’s primary mission.

The mystery surrounding her identity had much to do with her situation. The secrets she’d held from the men she worked with would reveal a more menacing storyline with shrouds of danger and intrigue as the backdrop. Once Kenton allowed Egypt to have her way with him, the love connection was what they both needed in a relationship. The intimate moments came just in time for the full effects of the relationship to expand the story. Kenton was an Alpha male in every way. His perfect match was the woman who controlled the place in which they both worked. Egypt was not timid, nor frail in this story. The attraction was possible because of her strength. Their chemistry was chart-topping once it was on full display.

The backup team with Laz, Hamilton, Mason and the others brought the familial aspects to the story. Those guys always add the powerful influences of this group of former agents and special forces members to enhance the storyline. The other plot twists with the major crime family and the unexpected betrayal as an influx into the story was fascinating. I was happy the way the story resolved and left room for more stories in the future. Finally, the writing and sensual escapades in the storyline will keep romantic suspense readers coming back time and time again. The story exceeded my expectations for a great story. 5 Stars.

Review – Accused (Atlanta’s Finest Series Book 3), by Sharon C. Cooper

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