Roxanne ‘Rocki’ Malone had enough of the constant media scrutiny. The video in question was old news, yet the idiots who chose to rehash the mess over and over had Rocki dreading heading home to Ragston, Michigan.  Ragston was where everyone knew your name, like the Cheers theme song.

Here’s the fun stuff laid out for you. Rocki’s mother was so much fun to experience. I liked the way the mother-daughter relationship flowed, and I laughed incessantly any time the two were in the same locale. Her mother was a riot on steroids. Her grandmother Nana Jacobs was just as much fun with her comical comments. Grandmothers, little kids, friends to lovers, and crazy antics carried out are my weakness.

The baseline for the story showed Rocki’s mom set to have guys ready to come by for her meet my daughter scheme. She itched to steamroll her daughter’s love life.  I enjoy the way parents in novels are always ready for the grandbaby expressway to Blissdom, sooner rather than later. Also, Rocki’s brother Paul was as much fun as their mother; Ms. Mary. He was ready to beat someone’s ass-pects over his little sister.  And her Dad, well- that’s where Paul got his ideas about how to protect his little sister.

Seth and his family were yet another reason to enjoy the story, both she and Seth’s friends were hilarious. The two families lived across the street from one another, so it was natural for the families to have a tight bond. Aside from being her protector and bodyguard, Rocki and Seth were also friends. The combination made the story believable as their relationship was more apparent with each encounter.

The steamy stuff, well, that’s typical Té, and that should give you all the answers to your questions. Readers, if you haven’t read a Té novel, shame on you!  Book two was worth 4.8 of suitably sexy reading materials.

Review – Acting on Love (Lessons in Love Book 2), by Té Russ

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