The Wright men are my all-time favorite males with a severe case of hotness. The couples are real life, and the characters feel like family. The relationship between and brothers and their spouses are invigorating and highly enjoyable to experience. I’ve mentioned on various occasions how much I enjoy the way this writer’s bantering between characters. It is quite an experience. Jason and Reese are relationship goals to aspire for in many couples. Have you all guessed? Yes, Jason is another favorite male character of mine. Once again, my much-loved couple had a nice story this time around. Jason’s easygoing, laid-back personality is what drew me to him in his story a few years back. It hardly feels like it’s been two years since we first met these fabulous men. It’s also worth mentioning how the others added the extra fun to the story with Toni and Justin, as well as Joseph and Devyn succinctly contributing the extra spice to the story, as did Big Joe and Imara. Big Joe still holds his own with his sons in the story. His funny antics are a reminder of how much he and the Wright men bring to a novel. The author delivered yet another fabulous story and a great addition to the Wright brothers’ saga. The story was short, yet it gave readers an update on one of my favorite families. The story was worthy of five shining stars. (5+).

Review – Christmas with the Wrights: A Wright Family Holiday Short, by Christina C. Jones

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