The second book in the series had me wanting to snatch the life out of the evilest character I’ve met in an LB book in a while. Dawn still has the crown for a most hated character in an LB novel. So, what was Bilan thinking? I wondered how long it would take Bilan to realize she would not be able to get away from the long reach of the Ellis Eliteness. Sadik staked his claim on Bilan, and it’s unlikely he will ever let her go. And the secrets she kept from Sadik, yeah right, think again little girl. It amazes me all the layers of the Ellis family peeled back, and there is still a lot more to reveal. Some of the issues are shady stuff and a few sad things in the families’ dynamics.

As the story builds to the climax, Sadik showed how much Bilan changed him. His intense attraction to Bilan and his protective ways made me like him more. I don’t think Bilan can wrap her brain around the idea that a person could love with his level of ferocity. And on a side note; Earl may not be as bad as I initially thought. Can anyone explain why Tiffany’s existence in the story is needed? She makes my butt itch! Why is she still around? The Commission, Randi, and a few others I’m sure will feel Sadik’s wrath in the end.

Additionally, the thing with Bilan’s neurotic brother and his behavior towards Bilan, that still does not sit well. What was his problem? I can’t wait to discover the layers hidden in this story. The Ellis parents also seemed to have some extra stuff going on as well. If you piece together the entire puzzle, there are still some corners and middle sections that aren’t connected yet. Don’t worry; this author will bring it all together in the end. The finale is shaping up to be a ravenous treat. A resounding 5 Stars!

Review – He Who Is A Lover (Sadik Book 2), by Love Belvin

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