Shanae’s story took me on a rollercoaster ride that I wanted to get off and take another trip in a different direction. The guy in her life treated her like a piece of toilet paper under his shoes. When she asked for a sign from God, and she received it in the form of her old friend Levi, it was a sweet treat.

Kali and Erick had a volatile relationship. Kali was a mother and should’ve thought about how her actions would impact her child later in life. But we all know how love can blind these young folks about reality. And let’s be fair, old fogies get it twisted a time or two. Also, you’ll witness Kali’s decision to involve her classmate Rondo in the epicenter of her drama. Layla always being upset with Liam’s actions was a prerequisite for their impending disastrous relationship would falter. Along the way, Layla decided to take a new path by choosing to entertain her neighbor, silver-tongued Brody with the smooth swag. The ladies new relationships had sparks, sizzle, and smoke billowing with each encounter. What this story taught readers was a message to swish and savor. Roll it around on the palette and to see which flavor comes out in the end. A bitter taste is not meant to maintain for too long. Love should be about sweet sensations with an occasional jimmy rig and guffaw.

The women made choices to stay with their men well past their expiration’s dates. As the title stated ladies, remember he’s your ex for a reason, let him go and let the one who’s meant to be in your life find you. The author took each lady through the ringers and back to bring her to the best place for her in the end. The story was an excellent read for a book club to devour or a women’s discussion group. Yes, to the read, and 4.5 Stars.

Review – He’s Your Ex for a Reason: A Standalone Novel, by BriAnn Danae

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