The second story in this series had this reviewer needing to do a double take. A read over to make sure I got this story. The story is complex, unapologetic, and amazing. Many times, reviewers talk about wanting an author to tell a story to make it believable and appealing. Or, wanting to make some sort of a connection with the characters or the story. Readers need that to enjoy the ride. It was hard to imagine a short story being chock full of delightful details and delectable dancing. Wink, wink.
ExZhia and Daniel had a hard-fought connection from the very beginning that started in Vegas with a brief encounter. The mental breakdown ExZhia had at the start of the story regarding her pending birthday propelled the story in motion. The Vegas birthday plan sounded like a great idea. Her plans to let her hair all the way down and getting a much-needed booty waxing by a hot guy was an ever-appealing idea. She needed to have no remorse when the acts took place. The author described ExZhia as a thick beauty. I liked the way the author did not make readers cringe about her weight or mention stuff about dieting, as she was happy with her appearance.
The way the author described Daniel as a classy case of hotness dipped in chocolatey goodness was nicely done. His eyes, voice and those gray d-print sweatpants will certainly delight female readers. The story with Daniel and ExZhia’s encounter and getting together were worth the read. Daniel’s point of view explored his life for the past few years and the changes he needed to make after his ex-wife’s betrayal. ExZhia’s side of the story focused on her getting out of life what she wanted, and not as expected of her. The Big 3-0 barreled down on her, and she wanted to have something fun to show for all the hype. Daniel just so happened to be the fun thing to do; she could brag about with her friends and reminisce once back home.
The things that happen in Vegas never stay in Vegas. That situation always seems to find its way back to the city. Another matter to note is the ancillary characters; they did a great job carrying their part in the story. Nyree, Resha, Mark, and Tez, along with Raheem his wife and Serenity’s story added to the complexity. The story had so much to keep a reader wanting more. The next story surely will bring another great read. Although the story ends with a cliffhanger, this reviewer will be there for the next part. 5 Stars.

Review – I Get Lost In Your Love (#Dirty30Shorts Book 2), by Deshon Dreamz

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