Let me say this for the umpteenth time, Ms. House is a beast when telling a love story with a comical flair. The McClain brothers have made my day for the past year or more. Katherine’s story was worth her weight in pineapple levels gold! The question was could this author outdo her previous works? And the answer was Yes! Each new story is as compelling as the last. The catalog this author is starting to build is phenomenal.

In the story, Kat, the only sister to this group of overgrown, overprotective men, was just the tip of the iceberg. When it came to their little sister nothing was out of bounds. Leland and Big South did not play when it concerned Kit-Kat. So when Kat’s failed marriage to the man she’d loved most of her adult life ended, and she struggled to define what was next in her life. The brothers came to her rescue with something to do. She started working with Leland to watch his clone. That led her to be around a sexy Afro-Mex man named Tomas Kirby. Lord, those two together, I laughed so much, the people around me took a wide sweep around side-eyeing me closely. Sage and Tommy had the most amazing chemistry, even before he laid the pipe to her, and afterward, Tommy was heated for Sage and vice versa. Their passion was reciprocal ten times over. And Tommy spoke Antonio Banderas Spanish to Kat (in my head).

Although, they made a friends connection before taking it to the sheets, once they did it was hot, steamy, and sexy to witness their lovemaking. And even though Tommy wanted to tell the brothers about his feelings for their sister, he also did not want to find himself floating in the Potomac River, Hudson Bay, or any of the Oceans. So instead they kept the secret well past its time. I like this authors voice and the crazy characters who bless her followers with joy and laughter. Uncle Lee Chester always has some crazy stuff to say. The sectional was too funny! And then the love scenes are dope. Love and loyalty shine brightly in her stories along with the authors’ full dosage of humor. The story was another Hit for the House Party with 5+ Stars!

Review – Let Me Please You: A McClain Family Novella (McClain Brothers 4.5), by Alexandria House

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