The Line to my Heart was one of the lovely books I read last week during my reading retreat foray into the weekend. The author is a newbie making a splash in the indie author world. The premise for the story was a sweet treat. Good Morning Beautiful sounded like the perfect wake-up alarm to experience, and to have a hot man on the end of said call added some excitement to the plan. I never use an alarm clock, but if my experience included having Ignacio Porter call me each morning, I’d be willing to turn off my internal clock. Set that baby on Porter time and wait for the fireworks to detonate.

Porter and his friends developed a new aged system to call ladies in the morning for a one-hour wakeup call and chat while they got ready for the day. It didn’t hurt that each man had a sexier than sin voice. So how did that work? Well, let me tell you the plan worked like a charm. The idea was supposed to be a joke among Ignacio Porter’s friends that eventually turned into an excellent business venture. Charlotte Wright received the gifted call alert from one of her workers. Charlotte was an attorney and a newly single mom in need of respite and relaxation in the form of a great man. When Ignacio heard Charlotte’s voice and she heard his melodious voice, the clouds opened, and angels sang hymns of regency. Once they find their groove together as a couple, the reality of their relationship becomes the primary point in the story. The story had a lot of energy and a likable storyline. Readers, please give this author a try, as she is a new quaint voice to experience many more times. 4.5 Stars.

Review – Line To My Heart, by C. Monet

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