The title of the story was the intrigue factor or the desired effect for an author to entice readers to try their book. Well, it worked. The interest component waned a little in the story with some of the storytelling. Rule number two: Keep readers engaged in the story. In this tale, Chantelle Brown’s wedding trip to Las Vegas interrupted by a ring and the owner of said ring. The storyline’s adorable, and I’ve read this one a few times in the past. However, this rendition had a fun twist. Here’s why. When Chantelle met Ace and, she had an instant attraction in her subconscious mind, it was enough to make a dramatic decision that impacts her future. Ace, despite his bad boy image, knows a good thing when it’s right there in his face. So, he took the plunge. The rest of the story was about convincing one another they should rock with their hasty decision made over a liquor with lyrics evening. The story was an interesting take on a much-used subject matter in contemporary love stories. Give this one a try, it’s a good read for 3.5 stars.

Review – Liquor Lyrics Love: A Hip-Hop & R&B Romance, by Abiegail Rose

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