If you haven’t read a St. Claire novel by this author, you are in for a first-rate treat, a delight, a joy, along with an expressive story. The author’s characters are always unpredictable. Magnus was by far the most complicated and the most enigmatic of all her characters combined. Readers, I liked him immensely. His character traits reminded me of a black Tony Stark from Ironman. Although Magnus was a billionaire, he never presented himself as a spoiled rich narcissist as those guys appear in other billionaire stories. The author makes a concerted effort to have the St. Claire men be down to earth despite their wealth. Magnus was the exception in the down to earth thingy, as he was aloof and distant with a socially awkward persona. In the story, Magnus decided he wanted a baby and set out to accomplish this task with an unsuspecting beauty he targeted as his victim; I meant to say, for his baby’s momma.
Things did not go as he expected initially and had to improvise to have his plan executed to his detailed specifications. Magnus was partially broken because of things in his past, or he could be considered emotionally stymied because of his miscalculated actions involving Shiloh. Shiloh was the cure to all that ailed him, as she mirrored his pain with her demons. The walls surrounding their hearts might’ve reached the Great Wall of China status with the way their interactions occurred. By some means, they discovered the other’s emotional center with an initial reticence, and then with ambivalence to later settle into a resoluteness. The author gave us a different take on the billionaire looking for a vessel for his baby with this highly emotional rendering. The story had one of the most intricate developments in the St.Claire saga. I implore you to catch up in the series and let this story be one to enjoy a few times.
A 5 Star Performance!

Review – Magnus (A St. Claire Novel Book 5), by Tina Martin

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