Pretending to be a part of a relationship to save face is a common theme in books these days. It is also a nice way to add more fun to a story. In this story, Maia was the last one standing as the lone single sibling in her family. So, when her brother announced his marriage plans, with Maia already in deep dread; she was not expecting to feel as desperate as she thought about her brother’s pending nuptials. She had to find a palpable solution to the problem as the one without a plus one.  The answer was her neighbor and friend Zane. Zane was a sexy, adorable man who’d be the hottest match as her new man and the one to cover her back to save face with her family.

I would not have gone through all the drama to have my family think I was in a relationship. Who cares what they think? I’m a grown @$$ woman, and I don’t need to prove anything to their behinds. Dangit! Okay, now back to the story.  Don’t think I didn’t like the story because the story wasn’t in sync with my way of thinking. Au contraire…that was what made the story interesting. It was fun to see how this author laid out her plans and accomplished her task with a smooth hand.

Maia went to the wedding weeks events and convinced herself that she could love someone again without the fear of losing herself, with Zane’s help. During their adventure, Zane was able to push through the massive wall around Maia’s heart to reveal her true feelings about love.  The author did a great job drenching the story with some happy moments and guiding the couple’s development while building their foundation for a lasting relationship. Since they were already friends, it was easier to believe they seamlessly transitioned to being lovers. A good read, 4.8 Stars.

Review – Pretend You’re Mine, by Keitra Crooks

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