Maybe it would be nice to live in Building 402 near some of these hot guys. The way the author describes the complex and the inhabitants was kind of super sexy. Makes one want to play there. Single women are always talking about taking a break from men. Why? Just find a new one and roll him around a few times then find a new one to roll with, on or over. Guys do it all the time. Favorite Auntie speech- Please be safe in the process you hear? And now let’s brings this review back to the premise of the story. No-mans-land, that was the place where Angelica Pearson was in her thinking process about relationships and men so, it was easy to see her point. She had no time or energy for the vexation with men. That was until the Maintenance Man came to make a repair in her apartment. It was easy to think of a few things to break, to have him repair it. The way the author described this incredible man caused a natural salivating phenomenon among readers. Lawson Hill gave a whole new meaning to sweet chocolate treat. When Lawson and Angelica met, the first thing he thought was how uppity the apartments habitant appeared, real bougie and high-maintenance. The second thing that crossed his mind was the fact that he could not take his eyes off the beauty before him. For a few days, the more they interacted, the harder it became to resist one another. Since this was a short novella filled with lovey-dovey, lusty, loquacious and stimulating moments, let’s end there. The story was hot, steamy and gave readers a glimpse into what it would be like to live surrounded by the beautiful people in Building 402. The author warned readers the story would be short and sexy. What she neglected to tell readers about was her penchant for compelling readers to want more and more with each new apartment showing. A word to the wise, the story is short, but this tale packs a powerful punch! Get this novella today! 5 Sexy Stars!

Review – Replacement: A Building 402 Novella, by Alexandra Warren

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