Ms. Little is not giving readers a tiny show she’s bringing the whole shebang with each new novel. Rookie Mistakes was about a young phenom from London drafted by a New Jersey NBA franchise to secure their new sports dynasty with a rookie at the helm. Sebastian Powers expected to bring a championship to his new hometown team by any means necessary. Along the way, he fell in love with a slightly older woman who taught him about loving with a purpose. The mistake was thinking he could be a rookie, do dumb stuff, and not held accountable for his actions. His love interest was a news anchor with ESPN’s all-female anchor crew. And we all know there had to be a mean girl in the mix to make the story interesting or to add a level of ratchet nonsense. Beyond the backstory, which included the sports side, was the games, the players, and the life of a rookie athlete. Each of those parts made for a colorful story. Some of us have former sports stars as family and/or friends, so we can attest to the close realistic side this story revealed.

The relationship was super-hot. The couple’s age difference didn’t bother me since the rookie was a consenting adult and the age span wasn’t creepy level. Nashya Jordan was once a star basketball player headed for stardom until an accident brought everything crashing down around her. Fast forward a few years, and she’s living what many would say was her best life as a sports anchor for Girlfriends Talking Sports on ESPN. She met the rookie when the station interviewed him to help boost his PR image and they made a love connection that day.

The backstory had the showcase of mean girls doing their usual shady smack, and the players doing whoever would sit still long enough for a player to run game. Then there was The Rookie. The title insinuated that he would make some mistakes that he would have to work his way back from or through. Ms. Little’s writing process is speeding down the road at an accelerated pace. The story was another gem delivered by Little Boo! 4.8 Stars

Review – Rookie Mistakes, by Danesha Little

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