A title is everything. Many times, it is the big kahuna! The title helps readers determine many times if they want to read a book. Author Rae’s writing style was familiar to this reviewer, and with that knowledge, the story delivered another enjoyable experience. Imaging the title had something to do with getting married; it was a pleasant plot in the making.

Tori started the story with one man and discovered he was not the man for her. Her friend Donald was forever in her friend-zone. Although Donald had plans for Tori to be his happily-ever-after, he needed to get outside the boundaries of friendship, to get to the next steps of amor. Tori learned her man’s secret and then Donald began his get-the-girl-plan. The story was fun and flowed well.

Each character’s persona was easy to see, and the storyline memorable. Tori’s role was sassy and in-charge. Marcus was a super jerk and arrogant-ass. Donald’s part in the novel appeared determined. Although the primary focus of the story was about Donald and Tori, readers of this review site recognize how much this reviewer enjoys the ancillary characters in a story. In the second book in the series, some characters from the first book had a few drop-in experiences.

As the story progressed, friends of friends maneuver in relationships together, and the rest they say became their history. Overall, the story enticed and interested this reviewer. The author is coming into her own and shows improvement with each new rendering. The rating for this story was 4.5 Stars.

Review – Something Borrowed? Something New? (Something About Love Series Book 2), By Marlee Rae

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