Sultry Nights was the second book in the Nights series. The first book focused on the daughter and her nonexistent relationship with her Afro-Cuban parents when she fell in love with a black man. I know, this reviewer had the same expression. If her parents identified as being Afro-Cuban what was the big deal, right? Book two was the sister’s story which began in book one in the series. Thankfully her parents learned their lesson the first time when they did not want their daughter with her black boyfriend. In the second story, readers met chocolate hottie, and former Secret Service Agent, Pierre Harrington. Even this man’s name was sexy and steamy. While the story started at a melodic pace, the need to speed things along kept drifting into the mix. With this title, somehow the expectation was super high for hot sex and high drama from the start. Although, once the sensual moments began, the story picked up nicely. Please, please do not get this review mixed with a complaining review, because the author has the right to tell their story however they choose. The point made is mainly about the pacing of the story and the low-key way the story moved into the sensual parts was slow for this reviewer. Note: Again, this was not a complaint about the story.

The story revealed that Pierre was paid to keep a watchful eye on fashion designer Teresa Castro for two years unbeknownst to her. Teresa’s brother Alonzo Castro was the guy from the first story mired in the initial racially charged family drama. He hired Pierre. Readers will see what happened with this as the story unfolds. Once Pierre introduced himself to Teresa and began his quest for love; the stories ebbs and flows lessened. The focus on Afro-Cuban culture and the difference between their lifestyles and a traditional black family had many blurred lines. The blending of families was more comfortable this time after the events that lead to the break-up in the family based on familial beliefs and traditions. In the end, the two-family units found common ground in the love of their children and the parallel lines drawn in between. 4.0 Stars.

Review – Sultry Nights (The Night Series Book 2), by Suzette Riddick

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