The lovely story I’m reviewing was my second book by the infamous Grey. I enjoyed this story immensely. My only complaint, the story was too short. Just when the story was getting so good, and I was all the way revved up when the story ended. The ending wasn’t quazi-abrupt or anything of that nature. I just… wasn’t ready. Okay, okay. I know the author stated, it was a novelette. But, if the author knows she is going to deliver a piece of work worthy of 60 additional pages, it’s her fault! Dagnabbit!  Now that I’ve vented, here’s the wonderfully short, sexy story.

Syx Rouge and her sister Sevyn planned to spend the New Year’s celebrating together with friends. Syx was the assistant to renowned Vocalist Amiyah Mallard. Amiyah was controlling and thought she ruled her roost. She’ll be amazed to find out she’s missed the mark. Her husband and business partner was stunningly handsome along with being rich and famous as well. Tough Mallard was on his way for a business trip during New Years,  call me crazy, but his wife should have questioned the timing of the trip, except she had supposedly bigger fish to fry.  She talked her husband into allowing Syx to catch a ride with him on his private plane. In my best Julia Roberts pretty woman hooker voice, “Big Mistake.” However, you’ll have to read for yourself to see what happened next.  The unexpected ending is what made this a spectacular read. I loved it, even though I’ve complained the entire time. I am ready to see what the next situation will involve. 5 Super Sexy Stars Ms.Grey.

Review – Syx and the City (Situationships Book 1), by Grey

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