I know you guys, It’s after Christmas by several weeks, but I still wanted to tell readers about this very short story. The author of this short story has yet to write anything I could not help myself and devour. As I turned pages and took on the nice piece the author wove into a quick love story, I was overjoyed with the outcome.

In the story; Toi Jameson’s list of holiday wishes was long and varied. She was not expecting to deal with a relationship, so when she decided to have one last fling with her ex to get it out of her system and to get her cobwebs cleared, I laughed at her decision. The story was fun, funny, and I loved this short romance filled with a few twists and exciting turns. Toi and Lennox’s connection—can you say flirty fun? Her family was a riot, so I’ll need a follow-up story about this couple and their friends in another full-length novel. The story was about a hook-up gone array, which also included a colorful collection of people who made the story so much fun. Good stuff guys! You will need to follow this author all the way to another bestseller banner.

Review – The Hook-Up Before Christmas, by Phyllis Bourne

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