The Sweetest Escape was a satisfying title that gave me a great reason to try this story.  Jasper Johnson was having a difficult time with some things that happened in New York when his sister-in-law suggested he leave town to rest and recuperate.  The time to collect himself evaporated quickly when he met a beautiful woman in Antigua who would compel him to try and be a better man. Reign Thomas determined she needed to get over her past hurts, while Jasper had much the same or a similar situational relationship with love. The night Jasper walked into the bar where Reign worked, he had the feeling that the woman before him would mean more to him than he could ever fathom. As the couple became an item, they went through all the ups and downs and made their time together exciting, until Jasper determined he needed to decide what to do about his life in NY. The woman he’d left behind, the troubles and, the drama that caused him to leave the US for a hideaway in Antigua came into play. Reign and Jasper had a unique bond that seemed to be weighing them down a time or three, yet the loving relationship wobbled along at a pace neither expected. The nightlife, beach scenes, the couple’s chemistry, and their connection was extra dope. The past and present writing style were cumbersome a little and took a bit of adjustment. In the end, the story was a wonderful piece of art worth reading. 4.0 Stars.

Review – The Sweetest Escape, by Rilzy Adams

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