The story was a second read for me, the author requested a review for this novel, and it was a delight once again; I’d read it this past May. The second time around, I was able to catch a few details I missed the first read. That’s one of the reasons I suggest reading good books over and over. In this story, Sabrina Owens’ boyfriend broke up with her at an inopportune time in their relationship. The events that day caused her to give up on love even though her novels featured love themes.

Later when Sabrina was seeking an agent to get the manuscript to her book “The Love Pledge” in the hands of producers, the struggles were real. Her introduction to super-agent Kathleen Morris didn’t go as she’d planned. It was funny how she went all black girl neck roll and gave her agent a piece of her mind. That was so much fun. After her tirade, Sabrina met Isaac Matthews in the agent’s lobby fuming over the outcome of the meeting with Morris. Then he offered to help with her career, and Sabrina wanted to know why. Was that ploy for him to get into her knickers? Sabrina was not in any way looking for a relationship with anyone, and especially not with a celebrity as huge as Isaac Matthews.

Sabrina still wasn’t ready to listen to Isaac when he invited her to dinner to hash out the details of how he could help her. The restaurant she chose had me hollering. But at the end of the date Isaac showed Sabrina another side of his persona.  A fun side note: Sabrina had a cute little baby girl she called Cupcake. The little girl was the most adorable child ever in a story.  Baby girl and Sabrina’s girlfriends together were like a three-ring circus act. You will enjoy this story and the splendidly featured characters in this rendition.  Also, the way Isaac and Sabrina volleyed their emotions to keep their hearts distant did not work. Their attraction was too real to ignore. Once they made a commitment to one another, the chemistry was blazing hot, and the connection solidified. Isaac loved Cupcake and her mother, and there wasn’t enough willpower to unlove them once he made the investment.  The story was 4.5 Stars good.

Review – Unlove Me, by Iesha Bree

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