Have any of you wondered what the McAllister men would look like in a horizontal position? Would they still be fine as wine? Asking for a friend! Really. And their hot male friends, yes, the same question is relevant. Andrew doesn’t read all reviews so it’s cool. Shhhhh! Don’t be a snitch.

In this story, readers meet Trish Barnes, the new District Attorney, and Boomer Thompson, a member of the McAllister security team of hotness. Although Boomer and Trish knew one another from a past relationship, there wasn’t a foregone conclusion they would be able to rekindle what they once had. The security firm was hired to secure a witness after a murder occurred. The eyewitness had friends in high places which led to the McAllister team tasked with guarding the witness to keep her safe until the trial. Later, when the DA came under fire and attack from the same ruthless businessman, Boomer took the threat personally. As the two were sequestered together for her safety, the sparks from their dormant flames reignited and the connection became a race with time.

Would they have the time to get back to being in a relationship, or would either be able to withstand the pains of walking away from the other a second time? In the beginning, Boomer never believed he would be able to get a second chance with Trish. Trish was on a major high after her appointment and never considered Boomer would be the one to bring joy into her life once again. Throughout the story, there were flashes of how the mystery in the story pointed in many directions. That is the beauty in a well-developed suspense story. And the romantic element adds to the goodness. The resemblance to a few of the shows like Law and Order, or Boston Legal, wasn’t lost on this reviewer. The research for this book was expert level. Overall, Boomer and Trish were an ideal couple brought together again under less desirable circumstances and made a lasting connection. So, what’s next for the McAllister firm? Readers will be waiting with bated breaths. 5 Stars.

Review – Vigilant Love (McAllister Security Book 3), by Té Russ

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