Essence of You (The Essence Series Book 1) 

Who would’ve thought changing her red and black Converse to red heels in a hotel lobby would lead to him?

When Jasmine Green was dumped unceremoniously by text three years ago, she took a break from men and focused on family, friends, and law school. Until her first girls’ trip to Essence Festival when she literally bumps into Montana Keyes, a handsome, charming, and wealthy NBA player. Undeniable sparks fly at their accidental meeting, and their one-night stand becomes a weekend fling.

Leery of trusting men and her magnetic attraction to Montana, Jasmine wants to leave their weekend as a passionate memory while Montana wants more. After he convinces her to date him once they return to New York, an unexpected encounter with his ex reminds Jasmine why she steers clear of men like Montana. A man who doesn’t believe in being faithful or marriage.

As time passes, Jasmine begins to regret walking away from a potential love, and when they meet again at a wedding, she’s surprised to discover Montana still feels the same. She must now choose to remain in her comfortable world or explore a new one full of passion, love, and wealth where the stakes are higher than she has ever known.

Will she trust Montana and, more importantly, herself enough to take a chance on love?

Essence of Me (The Essence Series Book 2) 

Once law student Jasmine Green opened her heart to NBA player Montana Keyes, she has never been happier. Until she overhears a conversation between Montana and a woman from his past. Her old insecurities are raised, and mistrust grows between the new couple.

Montana has never been faithful or honest with any woman before Jasmine. Although he reassures her that he is a committed man and his past callous treatment of women is over, Montana struggles internally to be in a relationship.

After a deep secret is unveiled during a visit to Chicago to meet Montana’s family, Jasmine realizes she isn’t the only one with scars, and his challenges to be in a healthy relationship are rooted in trauma. As Jasmine and Montana battle their own demons to sustain a love they both crave, Jasmine wonders if their love can truly heal or if it will end up being just another toxic relationship.

**Can be read as a stand-alone or as a part of the Essence Trilogy.**

Essence of Us (The Essence Series Book 3) 

A weekend fling at the Essence Festival leads to the love of a lifetime. Jasmine Green is officially engaged to and is pregnant with NBA superstar Montana Keyes’s baby. Believing they’ve left behind any insecurities and drama, Jasmine and Montana fully embrace their undeniable love and are prepared to face any storm together. Until the consequences of Montana’s past misbehavior with women threaten their happily ever after, and old wounds are opened again. Jasmine begins to question if Montana has really changed and if her heart and their relationship are strong enough to survive if he hasn’t.


Series Spotlight – The Essence of You Trilogy, by Tiye

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