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The Promise of a Kiss (Jackson Falls) by Synithia Williams –The promise of a kiss was more than a promise, it was a guarantee of getting to the other side to love. Jackson Falls sounds like the perfect spot to find one’s happily ever after. Dominic and Jeanette shared business interests at private investigation firms. They often worked together on cases for prominent or high-profile clients. They worked their magic to solve a case and, along the way, delighted in the arms of one another. Jeanette’s snappy dialogue and Dominic’s strong persona made the story a delightful dish served hot. You will enjoy this story. 5.0 Stars.

The Deal by Trina Crooks was yet another cute story by this author. The story featured a couple who made a deal to help the other achieve a goal. Even though this type of plot has been used many times, this one was extra cute. Both characters were likable, and their relationship was detailed nicely. Tamara Long became a single mom to her sister’s children when she died. Darius Brooks’ wife left him high and dry with their children to rear alone.  The story was a super cool, Black Brady Bunch-like fun tale.  4.5 Stars.

Caden’s #Situationship: To Marry a Madden#3 by Sherelle Green – Caden Madden met his match when he encountered Cordelia Sugar Rose. Talk about opposites attracting. He was a sexy as sin southern country gentleman, and Cordelia was a Whitley Gilbert lookalike in frilly dresses. The way the author described her attire, I could hardly keep from splitting my sides laughing. On the contrary, Caden was another hottie Madden man taken down by a pint-sized powerhouse little lady. Once she got her hooks in him, Caden did not stand a chance of getting away. The story was laughing out loud funny. 4.75 Stars.

The Point of It All (Sugar Valley #2) by Christina C. Jones – This story was highly emotional and had me on pins and needles with my heart in my hands. The author has a way of pulling emotions out of readers with her dialogue and magnificent storytelling. In this story, readers met Eva I’m-determined-to-Live-My-Life-My-Way-James. We also met Luke Freeman, a former military pilot and a returning resident to Sugar Valley. Luke’s family once owned the winery and vineyard Eva purchased with the plans to revitalize. The two clashed for a moment and then decided their attraction was more potent than their debatable conflict. The emotional rollercoaster was worth the exciting, well-written story about an abiding love, passionate, ambitious, and soul-searching redemption. An excellent read 5.0 Stars.

Shu: A Novella (Them Boys Book 3) by Alexandria House – Them Boys were a friendly new bunch of hunks this author introduced to her growing collections of gems. In this story, we met a perceived broken man who appeared invisible, except for his height and his handsome features. Shu was just as fascinating as his siblings we read about in the previous editions. I liked the way he was able to move about in this story with a quiet persona and them Bam! He’s out of his shell, devouring his prey! His lady, Denver, was a unique character with an adorable and sexy persona as well. The painting session had my mouth wide open with gleeful excitement. And the way their connection unfolded was super cool. Them Boys Books were good reads 4.75 Stars.

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