In this edition, there are some great books to enjoy and read a few times over and over. Let’s see if you’ll find a few good reads.

Yours to Have: A Novella by B. Love – Yours to Have was a story that resembled an eclipse and the Earth’s rotation in a new galaxy. The story was short, with a level of excitement and a measure of sadness. Cade and Luna quickly developed a lovely connection that brought about tears and some emotional moments. In the story, walking away wasn’t an option for this couple, and thankfully, that was enough for their survival.  4.0 Stars.

Love in One Night: Real Negus Novella by Dandridge Monroe – I loved this story about love at first sight.  Few people believe it can happen. When this couple met, and their attraction exploded, they agreed to a one night only fling, but plans don’t always go as planned when two bodies connect explosively. Their chemistry smokes and smolders with a simple glance between them. The storyline was excellent and a superb read. 5.0 Stars.

At Love’s End: A Novelette by Ivy Laika – In this story, after a short marriage, Amie and Xander found themselves in a strange place in their relationship. They loved one another with a fondness and time healed a lot of their woes. I adored Xander and appreciated Amie’s heart. The story was short, yet it was a full-on exceptional read. I thought the title had a different meaning, but you will see it has an even deeper meaning. You will enjoy this tale. 4.5 Stars

This Masquerade (Love in the Action Book 3) By Roy Glenn – This Masquerade was a riveting and a romantic suspense story. The third installment was a mile-high rollercoaster ride with steep climbs and sharp turns. The story featured a badass FBI agent and her man who’s hard-pressed to solve a mystery with lots of conspiracy theories, a white supremacy group, and acts of treason against the government. The story was well-written and an exciting adventure. I promise I will be back for more tales with romance and suspense as the tag line. 5.0 Stars.

No Good at Love by Iesha Bree – The story was about a self-made woman who kept finding the wrong men to try and build a relationship. Fanan started to believe she would never find love after numerous failed dates. When she signed up for a treat to find herself, she met Kazwell, who’d recently returned home to care for his mother.  The couple clashed like the Titans and eventually came around to singing from the same hymnal in perfect harmony. The story was a delightful treat by this new author I’ve been checking for lately.  Do yourself a favor and try this author’s works. 4.0 Stars.

All right friends, this is it for now. The list of books includes a slight variation in the genre of books to give you guys a broader selection… Enjoy!

This Week in Reviews & Recommendations.

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