Hello friends. Here is another round of brief reviews, all with a Christmas theme. 


The First Noelle: A Novelette by Harleigh Rae – The story was the first read by this author and I am glad to say it was enjoyable enough to try another novel. The book was also a second chance for once young lovers Noelle and Ezra to find their way back to one another.  4 Stars


The Second Song (Noelle and Ezra Book 2) by Harleigh Rae – In part two of the story, Noelle and Ezra had to determine if what they had in the past was worth taking into the future.  The story is short and gets to the point without feeling like something was amiss in the storyline. A superb follow-up to book one. 4.5 stars.


Desdemona’s Closet: (A Christmas Tale) by Sabrina B. Scales – Now ask yourself how on Earth did this author find this name and spin it into this delightfully quirky tale? Please tell me if you get the right answer. Anyway, this was a fantastic story. 5 Stars.


Christmas in the City by Bria Felicien – This story was too cute. It was short, sweet, and added to my seasonal cheer. The characters, Zoe and DeAndre, made the trip worth the adventure. 4.85 Stars


Gift Me You: A Holiday Short by BM Hardin – The title was enough for me to want to read this story. The author usually brings us some exciting stories to read. This time she tackled a holiday short about a secret admirer story with a mystery writer’s twist to the ending. It was not scary this time around. I loved it! 5 Stars.


The Christmas Grind by K. Harris – The story was a perfect match for the spirit of the season story. The story was a princess and the pauper tale with a soulful twist. It’s a good read. 4 Stars.


Tis the Season to Fall in Love by Pamela Campbell – I was in love with this short love story. Mariah used loved the holidays and Calvin hated them after a tragic event in his life. This once sad couple found the joys of the season together once again. 4 Stars.


The Winter Date (A Love for All Season’s Book 2) by Tiye Love – Winter and Chad were best friends who loved one another. They didn’t want to spoil a good thing, so they remained friends until it was their season to love. 4.85 Stars.


Love Me for Christmas: A Novella by B. Love – In this story, Giselle, a matchmaker, didn’t have a man to love. Giselle signed with her competitor to have her find the perfect match. Along the way, she kissed a few frogs until she found her ideal match right under her nose. 4.5 Stars.


A Vengeful Christmas: A Novella by Shajuana McDuffy – Once again, in yet another story, the villain did not get to have the last laugh. I was overjoyed and conflicted at the same time. The story focused on Adina and her husband, who did not have the marriage one expected, what happens in the story had me say wow many times. Revenge is best served to the unsuspecting fool. 4 Stars.


Dancing through the Snow: A Sexy Holiday Short by Te`Russ – The holiday season filled my heart with joy because of so many books to enjoy. Té gave us another sexy short to swoon over another leading man. Travis and Celeste were a great couple.  5 Stars.


All I Want: A Christmas Short by Alexandria House – All I want is to have the chance to prattle around in this author’s head to see from where some of her stories derive. The story was extra short but did give just enough to whet our appetites for what’s next. She took on a severe matter, yet she gave readers something to smile about as well in the end. 5 Stars


Second Chance Christmas (Calhoun Brothers Book 4) by Keitra Crooks – The story was a second time around for this couple to get it right. Derrick Calhoun and London Garrett used to be in love and Derrick made sure they took the road they once traveled to reach their destination together. 4 Stars.


True Love for Christmas by D. Rose – I cannot imagine being sad at Christmas, so when I read about this type of story, I want to help them hurry to get to happy. In this story, Noel was one of the sad ones. Her best friend Chris planned to pull out all the stops to get his girl to see how much love she possessed and gave freely to others. I think his plan worked perfectly in time for Christmas. 5 Stars.


Holiday Honey: a novella by Chencia C. Higgins – The fake romance trope’s been around in romance novels since they wrote about it one hundred years ago. The theme this author used in telling this story was fresh and vibrant. When two people came together to help the other out of a nosy family situation, the story turned into something else entirely.  4 Stars


You, Me, + Baby by Rilzy Adams – Love on the Rocks book 2 was too much fun when Fran discovered she was pregnant from her one-night stand stranger not so dangerous man. The story had me hook, line, and sinker from page one. As the story moved through the pages, we got a nice backstory with the soon-to-be parents and the lengths and challenges they endured to be what they became in the end. 5 Stars.


A Merry Little Filthmas by Nicole Falls – Now, this one had me looking at the story and thinking this author has a brilliant way of looking at life in general.  She covers a variety of subjects with her usual flair. In this story, Bryce and Yemi received a pleasant surprise and a love interest in the same period. The story was fun, hilarious, and sexy too. 5 Stars


A Little Christmas Magic: A Holiday Short by Danielle Burton – In this story,Christmas is about making wishes come true for other people. Skai needed a little help from an old flame to ignite her fires that had dimmed over the years. 5 Stars


The Winter Baby: Restoration Series by Rhonda McKnight – The story had me talking out loud to myself. The book’s theme is spiritual, but I was okay with the direction and the spiritual parts of the story. It was a fitting story for any time of year. 4.8 Stars




Book Reviews & Recommendations – Christmas Edition.

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