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Caden’s Situationship (To Marry A Madden Book 3) by Sherelle Green*

Caden Madden is the epitome of a southern gentleman. Polite. Respectable. With an undeniable sexiness and country bred abs that could only be the result of a hard-working rancher. The only thing you can’t rely on this cowboy for is relationship advice. No woman has ever come close to making him want to settle down… until her.

Cordelia Sugar Rose is as sweet as her name. Or at least she used to be. This southern belle is taking back control of her life. Too bad her improper thoughts are clouding her judgement, encouraging her to throw her morals —and panties— out the window. One naughty kiss and she finds herself in a fiery predicament she never saw coming.

With both keeping secrets neither is prepared to share, the passionate air is thick with confusion. But, if two people have sex, can they still be friends? Or does seeing each other naked make for a situation too complicated to categorize?



The Point of It All (Sugar Valley Book 2) by Christina C. Jones*

There’s always a reason to try… if you look hard enough.

(The Point of it All contains themes of grief, illness, and death that could be triggering for some readers.)



Shu: A Novella (Them Boys Book 3) by Alexandria House*





Milk & Honey: a collection of shorts by D. Rose

Welcome to Milk & Honey, a small café where the coffee soothes your soul, and love is in the air.

Indulge in three short stories centered around coffee and love.
Caffé Mocha
Cinnamon Girl
Coffee on the Roof

please note: this is a collection of shorts.



Yours to Have: A Novella by B. Love

He was hers to have, not to keep.

*Please note: This is a 17,000 word novella. If you prefer longer books, please skip this read.*



Menace to Symphony (As Told by RahMeek Jones Book 1) Mercy B.

The definition of hood royalty, Symphony is every hustler’s dream. Unfortunately, her desires don’t include the dramatics of their lifestyle and her efforts to avoid it at all costs has remained intact. At least until she gets a glimpse of Malaki Moore.

Malaki’s patience has always been beneficial in his attempts to possess his prize. This time, the prize happens to be Symphony Dirusile, the ghetto Barbie. His ability to outrun, outthink, outwit and out-wait her is commendable along with his minimum effort over the course of time that eventually chips away at the brick wall she’s built around her pretty little heart.

Though she enjoys the unexpected, fleeting moments when everything around them stops and they’re in their own world, the fact still remains that he’s exactly the type of man that she refuses to spend the rest of her days worrying about as he runs the streets. He’s a menace to society… a menace to Symphony.



Friends & Lovers: A Novella by Parker Jones

Madison and Liam are lifelong friends that grew up in Queens, NY. Liam knew as a junior in high school that Madison was no longer just the girl next door. Now, as two successful adults, they will need to decide if they will pursue their love or keep their friendship platonic. With the help of the people closest to them, Madison and Liam are encouraged to pursue the feelings they have expressed for each other since their teenaged years. Will Liam finally be able to convince Madison that their love is the realest, or will Madison continue her search for something that has been right in front of her all along?



Love in One Night: A Real Negus Novella by Dandridge Monroe

Love at first sight?
Few believe in it. Until they experience it. That rush of endorphins, the immediate feeling of peace, and the desire to never let go.
Two strangers meet under the guise of enjoying each other for just one night. But will one night be enough? Can they balance their responsibilities and allow love into their already busy lives? Or will their public and private obligations prevent them from following their hearts?



At Love’s End: A Novelette by Ivy Laika

At love’s end, you either return to where it started, to comb through the wreckage and find where it went wrong so you’d never see it, or you could simply let it go.

After 5 years of marriage, Amie and Xander find their selves at a crossroad. Will the two remember where it all began or has their love reached it’s end?



Love on Greener Pastures: A Novelette by Britt Joni

Holistic Artist, Isla Danielson, has met Mr. Right, but it was in her past — and she allowed him to slip through her fingers. If she could go back in time, she would risk everything just to have a portion of the love she let escape her. On her journey to healing her broken heart, a chance encounter promises the opportunity for redemption. However, she finds mending her own heart is only half of her battle.

Tennyson Hampton is a passionate bar owner who has been scorned by love a time or two. He’s always been one to lead with love but after his latest heartbreak he vowed to pour all of his energy into his business. Although his heart has been declared closed off to love he can’t help but feel a void. But when a random meeting brings him face to face with his pain, he questions fate and his heart.

Will facing the past reignite an old flame or has all remnants of love already been burned to ashes?



This Masquerade (Love in Action Book 3) by Roy Glenn

Following the arrest of FBI Agent Nicole Maddox and Jamal Hayes (Love On The Run) on Espionage and Conspiracy against the United States charges, and in light of the credible allegations that members of a domestic terror organization the U.S. government, a special counsel an investigation has been launched and FBI Agents have been assigned to the case along with Justice Department lawyer, Alaina Greyson. When an NSA employee tells her that he been monitoring members of White America First and recorded them planning to assassinate Senator Eastland, Alaina become a target.
With a little help from their friends, Nicole Maddox and Jamal Hayes are released from federal custody and they resume their investigation to find who set them up. Along the way, they peel back the layers to find that nothing and no one is as it appears in this deadly masquerade.



Kindred Hearts: A Valentine Novelette by Takisha Trenean

Valentine’s Day use to be Zolee Norwood’s favorite holiday. She grew up with a doting father who always lavished her and her mother with opulent gifts. After experiencing both heart break and the death of her father within months of each other Zolee has given up on both love and celebrating holidays. When she is guilted into attending her best friend Ari’s Valentine’s Day party for singles, she finds a kindred spirit in the devilishly handsome man who showed up with her good friend from college. Will the chance encounter with a sexy choreographer be the remedy Zolee needs to cure her heart break and thaw the ice around her heart?

Cooper Powers is the go-to choreographer in the music industry. He’s traveled all over the world and in the eyes of others he has had a good life, but there is just one thing that prevents it all from feeling perfect and he’s reminded of it every Valentine’s Day. When his best friend Ashli invites him to a party for singles his only goal is to get drunk and find someone to take home to stop him from thinking about and reacting to his trifling girlfriend’s recent betrayal. He believes that he’s found just what he needs when he first lay eyes on Zolee, but she turns out to be so much more than what he expected.

When Zolee and Cooper step into each other’s orbit they discover that they may be the only ones who truly understands each other. As a connection begins to form between the two Zolee and Cooper start to wonder if they could be each other’s missing piece to rediscovering love.

**This is a short story**



The Judge’s Secret by Amaka Azie

A Dutiful Daughter
Justice IyomaHaruna has always done her father’s bidding, an arranged marriage included. Though cries of nepotism now surround her judgeship, she’s vowed to prove herself worthy. Then, the one man who made her forget duty walks into her courtroom. The only man who knows her secret. Will one night of forbidden passion blow her life to bits?

A Dragon-slaying Barrister
Bespectacled Femi Williams appears mild-mannered, but he takes on the rich and powerful in defence of the weak. And he wins. Not in his personal life, though, so Femi’s sworn off romance. Appearing before Justice Iyoma Haruna, he knows they’ve met. But where and when eludes him. When he realises just who she is and what she did, will he expose her as a liar and fraud?

Or will he make her his?



No Good at Love by Iesha Bree

Is it possible to project what you feel about yourself so much that you attract the wrong man? For Fanan, it seems as though that’s exactly what she’s done with her love life. Fanan, a busy woman and owner of Stylez Magazine, has gone on date after date with nothing left but a headache. With all her attempts, the same kind of men seem to come her way.

When her last date stands her up, Fanan is certain that she is no good at love. After some self-reflection and a drunken night of watching T.V., Fanan finds herself signed up for a Self-Love retreat. It’s her last shot at fixing the broken pieces that she feels men seem to latch onto.

For the smooth gamer Kazwell, bumping into Fanan is just another hiccup in his day. He doesn’t know what hit him when this bold, independent woman stepped into his path that seemed to be murky already. Kaz is back in his hometown with feelings of guilt and shame for leaving his aging mother. Although that’s his reason for being back, he can’t help but wonder about the powerhouse he spilled coffee on.

With Fanan convinced she isn’t good at love, Kaz works overtime to prove that she hadn’t found the right man. That right man is him! Will Kaz be able to change the mind of headstrong Fanan or will she forever be no good at love?



The Best Thing by Bien-Aime Wenda

“I’M THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED to Hope Richardson. She was Hope Meyers before we married five months ago. Up until meeting me, my wife admitted that she’d given up on finding a good man.”

Habitual cheater ,  Xavier  Richardson, likes his women naive, subservient, and plus-size. Hope Richardson, his wife of five months is all of the above in addition to being a homebody who’s self-conscious about her weight; something Xavier takes full advantage of. After attending her husband’s class reunion, Hope forms a friendship with socialite and social media influencer, Vivica Love, who’s happens to be an old high school nemesis of Xavier’s. As a result, Hope’s self-esteem flourishes and is evident in an inner and outer transformation, something her husband isn’t too supportive of. When one of Xavier’s past affairs comes back to haunt him, he’s forced to face his demons and insecurities in a fight to repair his marriage.



to be continued… For Your Love by W Parks Brigham

to be continued…For Your Love
Deshonda Talbert is in a holiday funk, and it’s her own fault. She has allowed outside forces, namely her mother and aunt to draw a wedge between her and the man she loves, Jordan Henely Jr., with their old foggy ideas. Now she’s ready to shoot the duce to that madness and express her true feelings for the love of her life. Bam! To late! Jordan Henely Jr. has moved on with his life and put her in the friendship-zone. Get this, it was her idea, and she had the nerve to give him a big speech as to why they could only be friends. Call her fickle or whatever, she wants him back and must take drastic measures to get her man!
Jordan (Buggy) Henely Jr. has been in love with Deshonda Talbert since he knew what love meant between a boy and a girl. Big deal! She let him know quick they could only be friends. Gotcha, didn’t have to tell him twice! But he would like to know whatsup with these mixed-signals she’s been throwing his way, lately? Naw, he ain’t taking no hints. Babygirl gon have to come straight out and say what she wants.


Forbidden Acts: A Love Story by Skylar Nightingale

Life seems perfect for twenty-six-year-old Zuri Adara. She lands her dream job as an academic advisor, purchases a new home, and meets a beautiful guy who sets her heart aflame, Alex Nile. Unfortunately, he’s her twenty-year-old college student.

She feels an unexplainable connection when looking into his eyes, which tears her up inside. In attempts to repel the spark, she avoids eye contact with him. However, his presence alone causes her to question her resolve. One night while assisting with a school mixer event, Alex asks her to dance. She initially rejects the invitation, but the enrapturing moment compels her to drift onto the floor with him.

Suddenly, she stops and warns him that it can never happen again. Feeling disappointed in herself, she realizes she must come up with a solution to tame her yearning heart; otherwise, she risks giving in to her desires and losing it all.



Be My Valentine: Volume Two (Valentine Anthologies Book 2)

Life is beautiful especially when you’re in love.
Dive into these hand-picked contemporary romance novellas and fall in love this Valentine’s Day.

Jane fell in love in January, to a man she glimpses every evening after work on the way home. Not bold enough to talk to him, she’s content with just staring at her daily fix from afar.
Until one stupid February day when he approaches, starts a conversation and she bolts.
Because February is the worst month in the history of months. And she’s cursed. Cursed to be dumped and left broken-hearted on Valentine Day.
Can she break the curse of Valentine and keep the man she loves?

SHE WILL BE LOVED by Zee Monodee
This Valentine’s Day, the music scene’s hottest artist, DJ Den, is set to perform his worldwide smash hit in Mauritius. Jaeden Kang—the man from Shetland behind the stage name—is looking forward to a break and some inspiration before his tour gobbles him up again.
Tanzanian medical doctor Zenobia Hashemi is visiting her brother on the island when her path crosses that of Jaeden and they’re off to a rocky start.
Neither of them ‘does’ love … but life has other plans for them during this trip!

WHEN LOVE HAPPENS by Rosemary Okafor
Morgan is ruthless and plays dirty to protect his billion-dollar conglomerate. However, he holds a dark secret that could destroy him if exposed. His relationships with women are about pleasure alone until one weekend with the beautiful Eno leaves him ready to risk everything for her.
Eno was a young journalist when she witnessed Morgan murder his wife. Six years later, she’s ready to do anything to make him pay for his crime. Until she falls for his charms. Now she’s torn between destroying the proud billionaire and allowing herself to fall in-love with him.

UNTIL MORNING by Mukami Ngari
Following a devastating relationship breakup, Zawadi is out on a girls’ night out with friends when she meets a sexy stranger with a deep soulful voice created for baby-making music, the handsome face and hot body of a potential cult leader and who rides a motorbike like a speed demon. He becomes her first one-night stand.
Soon she discovers the sexy stranger is her new investor, Gerald. Things deteriorate when he pretends he’s never met her and then she discovers his unfathomable secret.
Will love win this Valentine season?



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New Release Round-Up February 3rd-9th

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