Hello friends. This week’s round of brief reviews features books that are all either the beginning or a later installment of a series!


Set (Them Boys Book 1) by Alexandria House – Goodness, this was the book to read by this author. It was a short sexy read with a great subplot about Them Boys. And might I add, them boys are full-fledged men, for real! Check out the cover and salivate with a big towel to catch the drool. 5 Stars.


Deeper Than Love (Brooks Family Book 6) by Delaney Diamond – Firstly, if you haven’t read the previous five books, some of the storylines cover previous books. In this story, another Brooks man finds his match in a feisty love interest. 5 Stars


The Changeup (New Beginnings Book 1) by Nicole Falls  – This author is becoming prolific in her pursuit of bringing sports-themed stories to the romance world. We are so proud of her latest accomplishments. Sports and sex will get me every time. 5 Stars.


The Book of Matthew: Adonis (Gems and Gents Series Book 8) by Iris Bolling – Here’s the thing, it helps if you read books 1-7 to enjoy the gravity of book 8. The story is excellent with a mystery component, and the cover art is delectable. 5 Stars


No Place Like Home (Jasper Springs Book 3) by Trina Crooks – The authors find the neatest places to tell a story and they make us want to go there for a visit. The destination on this adventure took readers to Jasper Springs. There, we met Sonya and Antonio. They were both returning to small town living and found love along the way. 4.5 stars.


Fortress (Forde Family Series Book 2) by Nikki Blaire – The story was fascinating, a tale about a powerful family in the middle of a crisis in need of their own Olivia Pope. And Charlisse Lageaux wore the white hat in true OP fashion. Marcus Forde was a willing participant in her skills assessment. 5 stars.


Memo (The Making of Memories Book 1) by Grey Huffington – Readers, this author guarantees her audience a short story with a lot of punch in the storytelling. The characters are eclectic and catch her sense of creativity and imagination with each account. 5 Stars.


On the House: Concord Ave Short by Anita Davis – The story was short with a nicely told tale about families. Avery Thompson had too many troubles to count on one hand. When she met Myles Patterson, her life changed immediately. Myles was an amazing man in this sweet short story. He became the reason during the joyful season for Avery. 5 Stars.


What’s Best for Me: Unapologetically Me Series by Danesha Little – The story was a multi-faceted love story about a high-profile couple struggling with making their relationship work in the limelight. The mini-cliffhanger ending did not detract from the great storytelling by this author. I will return for the finish of this tale, it’s a promise. 5 Stars.


The Love Below: A Prototype Glimpse Series (Bam and Cassie) and The Love Below: A Prototype Glimpse Series (Devin and Willow) by Jacinta Howard – As much as I love Cassie and Bam it was equally as exciting to get a quick update from Willow and Devin. In this glimpse with Bam and Cassie, it’s ultra-cute to see how much they continue to expand in love with one another. Bam is always passionate about his music, but that pales in comparison to his genuine love and deep affection for Cassie. Nice little surprise. They are my favorite couple in this author’s repertoire. 5 Stars.

Then Jacinta blessed us with another brief update for Willow and Devin as well. In their glimpse, I was worried about the slightly rough patch they had to work through for a moment. Because this couple is always on fire, I would expect nothing less from them in a glimpse. I was amazed that this overview helped to quell my thirst for everything Prototype for now. 5 Stars. 


All Fall Down (A Bay Area Saga Book 1) by T.L. Lee – Yes, this title and the cover caught my attention, but the story kept me glued to my seat with all the drama and extra testiness flowing like lava. I need a bit of extreme sometimes. The story ended with a cliffhanger, and even with all the dramatics, it will be nice to see what happened with this crazy bunch. I have no choice in the matter if I want to know how this one ends. 4 Stars.


Courtship: A ‘Snowflake’ Novel by Nia Forrester – I’ve said this before about this book, the character of Ibrahim’s persona reminded me of myself in a lot of ways. Stubborn, convicted in his beliefs, and a strong advocate for those he loved. Ibrahim and Jada had a long separation in their life that many wouldn’t survive unscathed. I liked the way the story carried us through the years of their courtship and brought them full circle—still together. 5 Stars.


Destiny (Rose Creek Book 1) by Kimberly Marchand – The story was my first book by this author. In the story, Destiny was not too happy to find out her soon-to-be husband was rancid as a turd, and his accomplice was equally as foul. You’ll need to check this one out to see what that statement was about. 4 Stars.


Bittersweet: An Equilibrium Novella by Christina C. Jones – In this story, Royal and Anika made the love connection they least expected to happen since the two disliked one another with a passion. But they discovered there was a very thin line between love and hate. The tale had a lovely nostalgic feel with some of the previous characters dropping by for a visit.  5 Stars.


If You Need Me (Harmony Heights Book 4) by Danielle Burton – Harmony Heights sounds like a lovely place to live. In the fourth book in the series, readers met Magnolia and Jeremiah, neither looking to be in a committed relationship, yet finding it was precisely what they needed from one another. 5 Stars


In Pursuit of You (In the Heart of a Valentine Book 6) by Stephanie Nicole Norris – In the previous stories, we learned the Valentine men were all a hot commodity to the women in their town. They each had the right qualities, sex appeal, money, and fabulous personalities. Why wouldn’t a lady want to pursue them? In this story, Avery Michele wasn’t seeking the heart of a Valentine, she only planned to sustain her grandfather’s legacy. She did not intend to be in the crosshairs of one of the illustrious Valentine’s bachelors, it was not prudent. With DeAndre Valentine in hot pursuit, Avery did not stand a chance of winning the race. 4.5 Stars.

Book Reviews & Recommendations – Series Edition.

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