Say you’ll never let me go.
Say it’s just us.
Us always.
Us forever.

Ezra thought he wanted the truth. He thought he was prepared for whatever Noëlle was holding back. She’d bore the deepest parts of her soul to him and his promise to forgive fizzled out every time he laid eyes on his son. All the olive branches that the holidays bring have since died, and he’s not as supportive as he’d pledged. When the cards are all on the table, he’s faced with whether to fold or bet it all on the girl of his dreams.

The truth shall set you free had never been more of a lie than it had been for Noëlle when she bore her soul to the one she loved. He’d promised her that they’d be as they always were. A man and woman connected by a love so unearthed that the world could only give it one classification, a phenomenon. She learns that some truths are prisons in disguise, a proverbial honey trap, dangling sunshine and blue skies, only to lock her away in a cell of regret and shame.

The world is overflowing with the one thing that covers a multitude of sin, love. But Noëlle and Ezra are in a cold war with no waving the white flag in sight.


New Release Spotlight – Serenade Me (Noëlle and Ezra Book 3), by Harleigh Rae

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