Hello friends. I’m back again with another round of brief reviews, this time featuring a mix of Winter holidays.


Syxth Giving (Situationship Book 5) by Grey Huffington – This couple is one of my favorites for this author. Syx and Trough are my all-time favorite power couples, I want to be like them when I grow up. In their story, we got a sneak peek into what they’ve been doing since we last saw them. The author dealt with a serious subject matter and handled it with such care. Good stuff. 5 Stars.


A Little Stuffing by AshleyNicole – A little stuffing was a lot of goodness in a small package. Now, I need more helpings of this steamy, delicious story with Blink and Leslie. Who would have thunk Landon had all that going on?  We want more. We want more. 5 Stars


Winter Wonder (A Lennox In Love Book 5) by Tina Martin – Another reminder, if you haven’t read the previous books, it’s not a big deal, but it helps with understanding the characters. In this selection, Drake Lennox finds his love while wielding a few of his tools. Pun intended.  5 stars.


Winter Wedding (A Lennox in Love Book 6) by Tina Martin – The follow-up story to Winter Wonder is the wedding for another Lennox couple. In this story, Drake and Lavina had a whirlwind romance which culminated in a lovely winter affair. And another one bites the dust. 5 Stars


The Kwanzaa Brunch: A Holiday Novella by DL White – The story was a smart, sweet story about a quirky office with some laugh out loud characters I thoroughly enjoyed. Sienna had me laughing with her attitude and energy. I loved Anthony and Faith; they had the best personas.  Amazingly, Booker was the best part of Sienna’s day. It was such a great story to remember black folks have a holiday too. 5 Stars.


New Year, New Boo? Holiday Short by Alexandria House – Ms. House had the energizer bunny in her writing pen this past holiday season, and we much enjoyed each story immensely. In this New Year’s tale, the author provided a snippet of a couple’s newfound relationship. Yes, it was good. 5 Stars


Brand New: A Love on the Rock Novelette by Rilzy Adams – Acting brand new was how Quentin and Regina should have described their relationship. I’m hoping in the full story, we’ll get the chance to see the relationship evolve from where they left it at the end of this story. The author to watch in 2020. 4.85 stars.


Press Rewind: An Equilibrium Short by Christina C. Jones – In this story, the couple, Dean and Holly, pressed pause on their relationship after a difference or rival points of view caused a rift between them. I was overjoyed when Dean and Holly had the chance to get back to loving once again on New Years’. Did I mention how The Heights is like this amazing place where our folks flourish? The story was short, sweet and sexy, and one of the many versions of black love in this neighborhood. 5 Stars. 

Book Reviews & Recommendations – Winter Holidays Edition.

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