Martese Lawson thought she had the perfect marriage until the day she got the call from a Georgia hospital asking her to come and identify her husband’s body, when he was supposed to be deployed to Afghanistan. When more details surrounding her husband’s death come out, Martese is left wondering if she ever knew her husband at all. With her life in shambles, Martese throws herself into work, taking care of displaced kids as a social worker. On the night where Martese’s problems were about to get the best of her, a little girl by the name of Amaya, is thrusted into her life, until she has to take her to her real guardian, the big-shot lawyer, Preston Miles, Jr.

Preston Miles, Jr, Junior Partner of Miles and Langston, was as arrogant as he was a functioning alcoholic. When he wasn’t in the court room, he was throwing back beers and partying. The only thing on his mind was making senior partner and proving that he can take over his dad’s law firm. His life abruptly changes when Martese shows up at his door with a little girl that he had never seen in his life. Not until he was forced into his guardian role, Preston realized what he was truly missing; a family.


New Release Spotlight – You’re the One, by Endiya Carter

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