Hello friends, I’ve been on a short sabbatical from reviewing for a few weeks. I am happy to say I’m back now and I’ll share with you some quick reviews for some excellent books at the end of the year. Each summary will be brief, as this format will allow the chance to give reviews for more books.

Let’s start with a romantic comedy, one of my favorite genres. Jinx (Neighbors to Lovers Book 2) by Phyllis Bourne, and Thanksgiving Game (A Holiday Short) also by Phyllis Bourne. Those were two of my ultimate favorite books by this author for 2019. Both books were 5 star treats.


Love Unsolicited by Alexandra Warren -The author routinely makes the list of really great books for the year. Joella and Key’s story will keep you turning pages. I hope to see these folks again in a later story. Hint. Hint. I gave this one 5 stars.


The Reluctant Wife: Love in Paradise by Nikki Walker – I’m not sure reluctant was a strong enough adjective to describe how this wife felt about getting married. Her dude hung in there, and I applauded his tenacity. 4 Stars.


Claiming Your Love by Ivy Laika – It’s nice to feel claimed or wanted by someone you care about. In this sweet love story, a young couple learns to trust in the other’s convictions. A good read. 4 Stars.


Ignite My Soul by Monica Walters – I would suggest readers get ready for a story with a few bumps and valleys for this couple. In the end, I think you’ll be satisfied with the story’s outcome, I know I was. Give this one a try if you haven’t read any of this author’s books. 4.85 Stars.


Broken Heart Syndrome by Ashley Nicole – The story was a magnificent mystery and you guys might recall how I feel about a romance with a mystery component. In this story, all the elements met my expectations nicely. I’m about to do a drive-by to see if I can find my own Daxon. This was a good read for 4.5 stars.


A Taste of Her Own Medicine (A Smalltown Romance) by Tasha L. Harrison – The author gave readers a hot, hot story about a country fella who fell for his attractive entrepreneurial student (An adult class).You’ll be pleased with the dimensions of the story, the facets of each character, and the sensual hot and steamy parts added to the story’s appeal. 4.5 Stars.


Never Him: An Enemies to Lovers Romance by J. Nichole – When the couple met, Lisa and Nick, did not see eye to eye. She thought Nick was a total jackass, and even with a slight attraction, there was no way they would be a couple. After several encounters here and there, Nick decided their relationship was meant to be. The question of the day, would the initial meeting prevent them from moving on as a couple? 4 Stars.



Unconditional by November Sinclair – The story was one of those stories that made me yell at my Kindle and flail like a fool. The story is short, so I’ll say this, the villain does not get away unscathed. 4 Stars.


Never Enough: A Novella by Monica Walters – The story was the conclusion for the Bitter Sweet Series that began a few years ago. I’d suggest reading the previous books to get the gist of the story. Sonya and Shawn though they belonged together, it was never enough for them to settle for anything less. 4 Stars


Because Love Said So by Aubreé Pynn – Love has a way of telling us what to think and believe. In this story, love gave Avion and Samson a reason to believe. Samson had to convince Avion she could lean on him because his shoulders were broad enough to help her carry her family’s load. 4.5 Stars.


Bound by your Love by C. Monet – The tale was a swift ride on an icy slope with nothing to hold onto. It was an amazing read. The story was a classic case of “the haves” not giving a hoot about “the have nots” and a naïve law student bound and determined to make a difference with a case that made its way into her life, along with the handsome man associated with the matter. 4.5 Stars

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