Life seems perfect for twenty-six-year-old Zuri Adara. She lands her dream job as an academic advisor, purchases a new home, and meets a beautiful guy who sets her heart aflame, Alex Nile. Unfortunately, he’s her twenty-year-old college student.

She feels an unexplainable connection when looking into his eyes, which tears her up inside. In attempts to repel the spark, she avoids eye contact with him. However, his presence alone causes her to question her resolve. One night while assisting with a school mixer event, Alex asks her to dance. She initially rejects the invitation, but the enrapturing moment compels her to drift onto the floor with him.

Suddenly, she stops and warns him that it can never happen again. Feeling disappointed in herself, she realizes she must come up with a solution to tame her yearning heart; otherwise, she risks giving in to her desires and losing it all.


New Release Spotlight – Forbidden Acts: A Love Story, by Skylar Nightingale

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