Allen is always stuck in a tug of war between Ying and Yang – a married couple who can’t seem to agree on anything, especially when it’s time to decide who should live, and who has to die. Things take a turn for the worse when Allen loses the love of his life then learns that he has an incurable disease. As he struggles to stop himself from doing the unthinkable, Allen comes up with the ultimate plan to make all of his troubles go away. But when the time to put the wheels to his plan in motion comes, who will win – his good conscience or his bad conscience?


Olivia and Omar were off limits to one another, but they have fallen in love and are eager to spend the rest of the lives together. That is, until the murder of a dear friend threatens to rip their bond apart.

As Omar blames himself for his friend’s untimely death, Olivia struggles to help him hold it together when he spirals into a deep state of depression. To make matters worse, the newlywed couple are oblivious to the dangers of a woman from their past, who has targeted them and aims to turn their worlds upside down. April’s Fool is a twisted tale of betrayal and revenge that spans three years.

As you flip through the pages of this book, the moment of truth will hit you like a ton of bricks!


Book Spotlight – April’s Fool: Get Even or Die Trying, by Anetta Tiquila

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